Vintage Motor Supplies

Wiper Arms/Blades & Mirrors




A900E Clip Type Wiper Arm to fit 0.25mm diameter wiper shafts. Adjustable Arm up to 275mm in length.

Fits early British Vehicles including Land Rover up to 1961. Price 17.50 each.


U80300 Spoon Type to fit 9/16" (14.8mm) splined shafts. Arm is adjustable up to 315 mm in length.

Bright stainless finish. Suitable many British Cars up to 1964. Blade holder is cranked as illustrated.

(U81300 is cranked opposite hand) Price 14.50 each.

U70300 Bayonet type (5.2mm wide) to fit 9/16" (14.8mm) diameter splined shafts. Arm is adjustable up to

355 mm in length. Bright Stainless finish. Cranked as shown, for many British Vehicles.

(U71300 as above but cranked opposite hand. Price 14.50 each.

U76300 Bayonet type (7 mm wide) to fit both 9/16 and 5/8" (14.8 and 15.66mm) splined shafts.

Bright Stainless finish. Suitable many British Cars, Cranked as illustrated. (U77300 as above but

cranked opposite hand) Price 14.50 each.



Classic Range of Wiper Blades - Top Quality British Manufacture in Polished Stainless Steel.

Bayonet type fitting for arms 5.2mm in width stocked in 9"; 10"; 11" and 12" in length.

Bayonet type fitting for arms 7.0mm in width stocked in 11"; 12"; 13" and 14" in  length.

Spoon type fitting - blades stocked in 8"; 9"; 10" and 11" in length.

All above Blades are Priced at 9.50 each.

Part No. 270 -Pre-War type Flat Blade 9" in length for clip type arms (blade secured by rubber peg 1.00 each)   Price 6.99 each.

Part 448TW - This is a 10 inch Flat Wiper Blade but with a 5.2 mm bayonet clip - Price £10.95 each

Wiper Arms and Blades are also stocked for early PSV and Commercial Vehicles - please inquire.



Part 409 - Sports GT Mirror. A streamline mirror finished in chrome plate, head fully adjustable. 4" diameter flat glass. Price £28.50 each. (This is not a TEX manufactured mirror but it was made in Birmingham England)

145A 145B



These Mirrors are manufactured in England by Tex Automotive Ltd and were supplied as original accessories on most British cars in the 50`s, 60`s and 70`s. Manufactured from the finest quality stainless steel with stems chromed to original equipment standard, incorporating a patented springback design.

Classic Style Mirrors finished in Chrome Plate, Arms are interchangeable for nearside or offside.  PRICE: Stems A, B or C without mirror head 13.50 each. STEM D 16.20.

Mirror A Mirror B Mirror C

Mirror Heads are 13.00 each (flat glass) . Mirror A is available with either Flat or Convex Glass, with the latter the Mirror is 14.00.

A complete Arm (Stem A, B or C) and Mirror is 24.50 with flat glass. With Stem D 29.20. If Convex glass is required for Mirror A add 1.00.