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Sponge Extrusions


The dimensions given below are approximations so as to give an overall idea of their size, we strongly suggest that you request a sample so as to see that the section is suitable for the application you have in mind. If a sample is required please forward your name and address plus £2.00 to cover post/packing, this sum will be refunded to the customer by the Company upon receipt of an order.

Sponge Rubber Skinned all sides

SRS1 Price£1.09 per ft (304.8mm)

Base width 3/8" Height 1/6".

Sponge Rubber Skinned all sides

SRS2 - Price £1.63per ft (304.8mm)

Base 7/16" Height 3/8"

Half Round, Sponge, Skinned all sides

SRS3 Price £1.74per ft (304.8mm)

Base 5/8" Height 5/16"

Sponge Rubber Extrusion, Akinned all sides

SRS4 Price £2.65per ft (304.8mm)

Base 1/2" Height 1/2"

Sponge Rubber Skinned all sides, Morris 1000 Traveller type

SRS14 Price £2.58 per ft (304.8mm)

Base & Height 15mm

Sponge Rubber Door Seal some 1950`s Ford

SRS52 Price £2.47 per ft (304.8mm)

Height 5/8" Overall Width 5/8"

Sponge Seal Skinned all sides

SRS83 Price £2.20 per ft (304.8mm)

Base approx 5/8" Height from base to highest part 5/8"

Jaguar 2.4, 3.4 Sponge Rubber  Door Seal

SRS104 Price £2.47 per ft (304.8mm)

Base 1/2" Left side hight 1/2". Hight base to right tip 11/16"


Skinned on all sides 1/4" x 1/2" Price £2.20 per 304.8mm (1 ft)

3/8" x 3/4" Price £2.50 per 304.8mm (1 ft)

10mm x 10mm (3/8" sq approx) Price £1.64 per 308.4mm (1 ft)

S500 Skinned Round

Stocked in 1/4 and 5/16" dia. at £0.80 per ft (304.8mm)

Stocked in 3/8 & 1/2" dia at £0.99 per ft (304.8mm)

Sponge Rubber Boot Seal some Austin Healey

4482 - Price £1.99 per ft (304.8mm)

Base 5/8" Height 9/16"

Land Rover Series 2 and 2A Door Seal

SRS97 Price £3.00 per ft (304.8mm)

Land Rover 2A Door Seal

Sponge Rubber Door Seal for use with snappon furflex
SRS96 (Ramsey Seal used with Snappon Door Draught Excluders) Price £2.20 per ft (304.8mm)
MG B Roadster Hood to Screen Seal

SRS109 Price £2.15 per ft (304.8mm)

MG"B" type Hood Seal as AHH2273M

General Purpose Sponge Seal

4486 Price £1.74 per ft (304.8mm)

Base 5/8" Height 1/2"

SRS126 Price £1.50 per ft (304.8mm)

Self-adhesive Sponge Rubber Seal - overall height 3/4" Base 7/16"

MG B Tailgate Sponge Seal

SRS108 Price £1.62 per ft (304.8mm)

MG"B" type Inner tailgate Seal as AHH 7833M

Sponge Skinned Rubber Door Seal

4767 Price £2.13 per ft

Base 5/8" Overall Height 11/16"

SRS91 Price £1.25 per ft (304.8mm)

Base 1/4" Height 3/8"

S2051 - Self-Adhesive partially skinned available in two sizes 1/4" x 1/2" and 1/4 x 3/4"

Price £0.42 per ft and £0.68 per ft (304.8mm)


SRS112 - Skinned Sponge Rubber with hollow centre. Dimentions 3/4"x3/4"

Price £2.18 per ft (304.8mm)



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