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Note. Where are item is marked with a after the price, this indicates that it is available on Special Offer, click on link to go directly to that page. A sample can be provided if required on receipt of your name and address plus£2.00 to cover post/packing.

Furflex Tack On Door Draught Excluder

E94 - Furflex Tack On Draught Excluder. As used on Vintage, Pre-War and some Posr-War vehicles. This is a wool moquette covered beading with 9/16" diameter bead and 3/4" canvas flange. Available in 10 colours: Beige, Cinnamon, Red, Blue, Midnight Blue, Green, Suede Green, Brown, Grey and Black.

Price £5.82 per Yard (914mm) or £6.30 per Metre

Door Draught Excluder, tack on type, fits many American Cars

E701 - Tack On Solid Rubber Tube covered with 100% Cotton and Interwoven with Reflective Ribbon. Available in Red or Black. Suitable for American and European Cars.

Price £5.82 per Yard (914mm) or £6.30 per Metre

Morris Minor Door Seal

E215 - A Woven Snappon with small rubber draught excluder, "U" shaped alloy covered in a woven material. Available in Blue, Green, Grey, Red and Black. As fitted on Morris Minor 1000, Austin A30/35 etc.

Price £6.29 per Yard (914mm) or £6.82 per Metre.

Door Edge Trim, Furflex type finish, can also be used with Ramsey Seal (SRS96)

E220 - A "U" Shaped Moquette type edge trim, push on fit. As fitted to some models of Jaguar, MG, Triumph. Available in Black, Red, Blue, Grey, Beige, Green, Suede Green, Cinamon and Brown.

Price £5.96 per Yard (914mm) or £6.46 per Metre

Door Draught Excluder Jaguar XJ6 type

E279 - Snappon Draught Excluder, a Furflex type finish. Jaguar XJ6 type, fits on a horizontal flange.

Price £10.55 per Yard (914mm) or £11.43 per Metre

Available toSpecial Order Only

Door Frame Edge Seal, Cotton Covered, used on some Ford, Hillmans, Austins

E700 - Flexable Snappon covered in a Cotton rep. cloth. As fitted to some Fords, Hillmans, Austins etc. Available in Black, Red or Grey.

Price £6.28 per Yard (914mm) or £6.80 per Metre

Furflex Snappon type Door Seal various colours

E281 - Plush Snappon Trim (furflex type finish) with round rubber 3/8" diameter draught excluder. This is a "U" shaped alloy covered in a furflex type material. Push on fit, top quality. Available in Black, Red, Beige, Grey and Blue.

Price £14.25 per Yard (914mm) or £15.44 per metre. (Minimum quantity 10 meters)

Furflex Snappon  large type

E282 - A Plush Snappon Trim with OD sponge piping of 9/16", inner spring wire "U" carrier covered in a furflex type finish. A luxury trim. Stocked in Black only,

Price £13.54 per Yard (914mm) or £14.67 per Metre. (minimum purchase ten meters)

E702 - A large version of E220 - used on Rovers etc. 100% wool pile. Beige only.

Price £11.30 per Yard (914mm) or £12.25 per Meter (minimum purchase five meters)

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