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Escutcheon Chrome Plated with Swivel Lid

C76 - No longer Available

This is a quality excutcheon plate with ears, Chrome plated with patent swivel lid.

Price £5.50 each

Escutcheon, Chrome Plated no lid


Chrome Plated Keyhole Escutcheon with two fixing holes at 1.5" centres.

Price £2.72 each

Escutcheon, Chrome Plated with Spring Loaded Lid


Chrome Plated Escutcheon with spring loaded lid, two hole fixing.

Price £5.25 each

Door Buffer with shoe


Horseshop pattern ubber Door Buffer with cadminium plated steel shoe with brass insert for the rubber. Rubber size 1.1/8" x 1" and 9/16" deep.

Price £4.35 each

Door Dovetail for aligning vehicle door with frame


Door Dovetail - plate type. Used to align door with frame - black enamel with spring backed rubber. Male - black enamel. Sold only as a complete set.

Price £9.95 per set

Floor Lifting Ring


Chrome Plated round floor lifting ring (usually on brass) 2 inches diameter.

£5.45 each

Gravelly Fastener, Bus Indicator Box


Gravelly Fastener, supplied complete with striking plate - 1.1/4" x 7/8". Used extensively on PSV vehicles (indicator boxes etc) and we understand Moody Yachts.

Price £5.75 each

Coach Hinge Undrilled


Steel Coach Door Hinge, curled over joints - turns thru 360 degrees, sixe 2" x 3" x 1/2" closed. Price £4.68 each


Steel Coach Door Hinge - curled over joints - 4.3/4" x 2" x 1/2" closed, turns thru 360 degrees (not illustrated) Price £9.63 each

Door Latch, plant on type


Small zinc plated plant on type reversable Door Lock withl follower, size 80mm x 60mm

Price £12.25 Each

Door Lock, plant on type with handle


Plant on type Door Lock for either wood or metal doors - self colour steel, (handle spindle can pass right through the lock). This lock is pared and the illustration is right handed.

Price £9.63 Each


Plant on type Door Lock as C77 but left handed (not illustraated).

Price £9.63 Each

Boot Lock, used on many pre=war car boots and spare wheel carriers


Self Colour pressed steel Budget Lock with brass tongue and follower 3.1/4" x 7/8". Right Hand Illustrated.


Self Colour pressed steel Budget Lock with brass tongue anmd follower, 3.11/4" x 7/8", left handed (not illustrated).

Price £4.13 Each (when ordering remember to state which hand required)

Striker plate for door lock


Double Striker Plate, sinc alloy diecast with serrated base. 1.1/4" x 11.1/2"

Price £3.25 Each

Striker plate for door lock


Double Striker Plate, zinc alloy with semi-serrated base. 2.1/4" x 1.1/4"

Price £2.75 Each

Striker plate for door lock


Striker Plate 2" x 11/16", malleable iron with single stop, two holes 3/16" dia. at 1.1/2" centres.

Price £2.31 Each

Road Fund Licence Holder


Licence Holder with arm for bolting to vehicle. The licence is fitted behind the clear plastic and held in place by a chromed screw bezel.

Price £4.95 Each

Licence Holder Commercial Vehicle type


Commercial Double Licence Holder, as 165 above.

Price £10.12 Each

Fine Fluted Rubber Matting


Rubber Matting - Fine Fluted - stocked in rolls 40" wide . We will supply any size within reason but please note that you must give the individual size of each piece required, for example 2 at 5ft x 1ft NOT one piece 10ft x 1ft.

Price £2.53 per sq.ft (304.8mm sq.)

High Quality Chrome on Brass Hinge

Chrome Plated Hinge - Part No. 0148/01

This is a beautifully made high quality hinge, polished chrome on brass. Dimensions: Overall height 68mm (2.68 ins) Overall width 71mm (2.80 ins) Screw hole centres 23mm (0.91 inch) Thickness of hinge 4.5mm (0.18 inch) Closed width 35.5mm (1.40 inches) Distance of hole centre from centre of hinge pin is 19mm (0.75 inches).

Currently Unavailable

Price £12.85 Each



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